Company Profile

Omicsis, Inc, a global biotechnology company leading the high-tech industry, is a biotechnology company specializing in bioinformatics.
Through biological resources information, we are developing new technologies and products required in many areas including medical and agricultural science by using genome analysis.
Especially in seed industry market, Omicsis, Inc. is growing as a global company which develop and manufacture new technologies and new products through the innovative combination of bio informatics and seed processing technology.

Company History

October, 2018 Selected Small & medium Enterprise Innovation Technology Development Business
May, 2018 Signed the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with European Commany "S"
August, 2018 Contracted Smart Farm Innovation Valley as a participatation agency in Sangju-si
January, 2018 Signed with MOU & NDA with KMUTT
March, 2017 Certified as a Venture Enterprise (Korean Venture Capital Association)
January, 2017 Certificated as a INNOBIZ
March, 2017 Signed MOU with Daegu Agricultural Meister High School
June, 2017 Certificated as a K-ESP
November, 2017 Signed MOU & Joint Research with "S"
December, 2017 Certified as Certified as NET(New Excellent Technology)
September, 2017 Signed MOU with Japanese Comapany "I"
January, 2016 Selected as a company to be housed in the national private breeding R&D park
November, 2016 Certificated as a Export Promising Small & Medium Business Promotion Corporation
October, 2016 Acquired Biobreeding Research Institute Agricultural Corporation
June, 2016 Certificated as a NICE Superior Technology Company
May, 2016 Joined as a regular member of Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA)
May, 2016 Built Investment of Venture Capital(UTC)
August, 2016 Certificated as a Tomorrow Filling Deduction by Small and Medium bussiness Promotion Corporation
March, 2016 Selected as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise by Daejeon City
June, 2015 stablished Research Institute Spin-off Company
November, 2015 Selected as a global startup technology development business of TIPS by the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea
January, 2014 Built investment of Venture Capital
June, 2012 Certificated as a Farmers and Merchants Convergence company by the Ministry of Agriculture
April, 2012 Obtained certification for the Industrial R&D center (from the Korea Industry Technology Association)
August, 2012 Appointed as a company for substituting military service for master doctorate researchers by the Military Manpower Administration of Korea
January, 2012 Received a silver prize for its patent and design at the Seoul International Invention Fair
June, 2012 Received a grand prize at the national intellectual property manager conference
May, 2011 Received a bronze prize at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition
September, 2011 Selected as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise by Daejeon city
August, 2011 Selected as a good design(acquired the GD mark) by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy of Korea and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion
June, 2010 Had its factory registered by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy of Korea
August, 2010 Received the Ministerial Citation at the Life Industry Exposition by the Ministry of Food
April, 2008 Obtained the certification for venture business
May, 2008 Obtained certification for R&D service business
June, 2008 chieved ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 (Quality and Environmental Management System)
August, 2008 Received Excellence award (Minister Prize) at the Venture Start up Contest of the Ministry for Food
February, 2008 Founded Omicsis Inc. in February (inside the BioVenture Center of the Korean Research Institute of Bio Science)

Factory / Branch Office

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Omicsis,Inc. (

  • The person in charge

    Taeha Woo
  • Telephone

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  • Address

    10-5 Expo-ro 339beon-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (34122)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product 1 Seed Packaging Technology with special processing of seeds 2 HanfarmPlant Growing System based on IoT
Established 2008-03-01
Total Annual Revenue 6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
Total Employees 11~50 people